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Lakey Peterson - Surfer

Hellz yeah!

Justin Timberlake, “Until the End of Time”

Diet Mountain Dew, baby, New York City
Never was there ever a girl so pretty
Do you think we’ll be in love forever?
Do you think we’ll be in love?

Lana del Rey (Diet Mountain Dew)





Time to get healthy.


I actually like a couple of these, and I can see some of you liking specific ones as well. 

If you really want to step up your fitness game, during “rests” try skipping/running on the spot instead. A bit of cardio that even makes level 1 feel more intense

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Love the fit Life

Purely 100% fitspo. Positive thoughts, notes, ideas and pictures will be posted. I have goals in life and want what's best for me. I hope this blog helps me achieve those goals.
I am no professional but feel free to ask me any questions!

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